Why "Do It Yourself" Divorces are Not Recommended in Alabama

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Should I DIY My Alabama Divorce?

As a Birmingham, Alabama divorce attorney, I've seen a lot. But trying to handle your own Alabama divorce proceeding is like letting the house cat walk the dog. Some times you should let an expert handle your situation. You wouldn't let a banker handle your brain surgery would you? Would you try to install your own plumbing having never picked up a toilet plunger? Nowadays, you can find just about anything on the internet, from instructions for how to build your own backyard shed to recipes for casseroles. When people begin thinking about divorce, one of the first things they do is look online for information about the divorce process. Inevitably, websites promising a “quick and easy” divorce or “cheap divorce” pop up. They may sound promising, but these websites neglect to mention why do-it-yourself divorce isn't such a great idea. To learn more about how you can have a straightforward, no-hassle divorce, get in touch with an experienced Alabama divorce lawyer.

Representing Yourself Can Lead to Trouble

Although you have every right to represent yourself in a divorce, and some people manage to do it quite successfully, the majority of divorce cases are not simple. Divorce involves some of the most important parts of your life, including your children and your property.

Even in an uncontested divorce with no children, it can be difficult for the parties to locate all the appropriate forms for their particular jurisdiction. In many cases, people also fail to consider all the details involved in ending a marriage. For example, what about health insurance? If one spouse uses the other spouse's health coverage, what happens to that coverage in the divorce? For older couples, retirement benefits and Social Security payments are frequently areas of concerns. In other cases, spouses must decide what constitutes an equitable division of their marital assets, or which assets belong solely to one spouse.

These questions aren't always easy to answer. With a kit or a form, you won't receive detailed advice about how the law applies to your case. This is where a knowledgeable Alabama divorce lawyer can help you explore your options and make informed decisions about the important issues in your case.

Your divorce will affect your life long after the paperwork is signed. Mistakes can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. It's much better to invest in a good attorney who can help you avoid making errors in the first place.

Online Companies and Kits Are Not Always Reliable

It doesn't take much to create a website and put it online. The internet is largely unregulated, which means just about anyone can create a site and sell products and services. Although the law might catch up with them eventually, they can harm a lot of people before that happens.

When you purchase DIY divorce kits and forms online, it can be difficult to know exactly what you're getting, or whether you're getting what you really need. Many companies use the same boilerplate divorce forms for every state. This might work for very basic forms, such as affidavits, but it can be a disaster for more complicated documents, like property settlement agreements.

Even popular sites that advertise on television nationwide can be a bad choice for people looking to end their marriage in Alabama. These websites might look appealing and reputable, but what they don't always make clear is that their forms are not prepared by attorneys specifically for your case. Furthermore, the forms they sell are not tailored to your needs.

Birmingham Divorce Lawyer

Do-it-yourself is great for some things, but issues like divorce are best left to experienced Alabama divorce lawyers who can help you safeguard your personal assets and your future. Protect yourself and your family by working with an experienced Birmingham divorce lawyer. You can get in touch by email, phone, or through our online contact form. Call (866) 831-5292 today to talk about your options and your case. Get started today by reading our guide to Alabama divorce.

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