Teenagers And Shoplifting Charges

Teenagers And Shoplifting Charges in Jefferson County

While teenage mischievousness is not uncommon, this mischievousness can quickly become a substantial obstacle when a teenager ends up facing a shoplifting charge. Shoplifting can result in teenagers facing a variety of potential punishments. Many people, however, realize exactly how substantial a shoplifting charge can be. When teenagers are faced with a shoplifting charge in Jefferson County, it frequently becomes essential to retain the services of talented legal counsel. There are also some essential pieces of information that individuals should know concerning shoplifting charges in Jefferson county.

Shoplifting Laws In Jefferson County

There are several important laws in the state of Alabama regarding shoplifting.

The first of these laws is how property is defined in the state of Alabama. A person is considered to have committed the theft of property if the individual: (1) obtains the property of another with the intent to deprive the property owner of the possession, or (2) obtains property through the deception of control over the property's owner with the intent to deprive the property owner of the possession.

How Shoplifting Is Classified In Jefferson County

The state of Alabama classifies the theft of property into three degrees based upon the specific item that is involved in the theft and the amount of the stolen item's value. When property is over $2,500 in value, theft of property is considered to have occurred in the first degree. When property exceeds five hundred dollars in value but does not exceed $2,500 in value, theft of property is considered to have occurred in the second degree. The theft of property that does not exceed five hundred dollars in value is considered theft is considered to be in the third degree, which is classified as Class A Misdemeanor.  

Defending A Jefferson County Juvenile Shoplifting Charge

There are three primary ways that an individual can defend against shoplifting charges in Jefferson County, which include the following:

  • Challenging The Shoplifting Act. Shoplifting charges require a possession element and an intent to permanently deprive the property owner of the object. By arguing that an individual did not have the intent to shoplift, many individuals are able to successfully defend against shoplifting charges.
  • Challenging Witnesses. Many individuals are able to successfully defend against shoplifting charges by arguing that evidence or witness testimony is unreliable.
  • Negotiate A Deal. An experienced Jefferson County criminal defense lawyer will know how to negotiate a deal so that a juvenile offender receives the best possible outcome.

Punishments For Juvenile Shoplifting In Jefferson County

The juvenile court often aims to teach rather than penalize juveniles who are convicted of shoplifting. Juvenile courts have a particularly wide range of power in making decisions about how to penalize a juvenile offender. Some of the potential penalties faced by juvenile shoplifters include: being released to one's parents in first-time cases, being forced to pay restitution or being forced to pay back the property owner for the value of the shoplifted property, being ordered to face probation, or being required to attend counsel.

How An Experienced Jefferson County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If your child or teenager has been charged with shoplifting, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Birmingham criminal defense attorney at Eversole Law LLC. Our knowledgeable criminal defense legal counsel will know the various juvenile laws that might come into place and how to reach the best potential outcome for a case.