Teenagers And Drug Related Crimes

Teenagers And Drug Related Crimes in Birmingham

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that there is a high percentage of high schoolers who are involved with alcohol and drug use. Dealing with children who face drug issues can be a substantial obstacle. Not only do parents worry about a child's immediate future, parents also worry about the lasting effect that such a conviction will have on the child's educational or occupational goals. Many individuals whose children were found possessing drugs, were caught selling drugs, or committed any other drug related crime frequently rely upon the skill and experience of a seasoned criminal defense attorney to craft a strong legal strategy to these defenses. There are also some critical facts that should be known about juvenile drugs charges in Birmingham.

Types of Drug Charges Faced By Teenagers in Birmingham

There are a variety of drug charges that teenagers in Birmingham can face, but there are several charges that are the most common types. Many juveniles get into trouble for possession of marijuana or another controlled substance. In some other types of situations, individuals get into trouble for selling drugs to classmates.

Penalties For Juvenile Drug Possession Charges In Birmingham

There are a variety of ways in which juveniles in Birmingham can be punished for drug crimes. These penalties are often designed to rehabilitate rather than punish the offender include requiring the juvenile to attend drug counseling, placing the juvenile on probation, diversion which requires a juvenile to comply with particular court rules, and detention or placement in a juvenile home or detention center.

Ways To Defend Against Juvenile Drug Crimes In Birmingham

There are several methods that sometimes prove to be extremely effective in arguing against juvenile drug crimes in Birmingham, which include:

  • Challenging Evidence. If a lawyer is able to demonstrate that law enforcement made an improper search and seizure or violated the rights of an individual in obtaining evidence then a juvenile might be able to successfully defend against a drug charge.
  • Forcing Prosecution To Prove The Drugs In Questions Belong To The Juvenile. All individuals including juveniles are presumed to be innocent unless proven otherwise by a court of law. ┬áIf the opposing side is unable to demonstrate that the drugs in question belonged to the juvenile then the juvenile will likely be able to defend against a drug charge.
  • Arguing That The Drugs Were Not Illegal. To establish a drug charge, prosecution must demonstrate that the drugs in question were illegal in nature. There are many legal substances, however, that resemble illegal drugs and can result in similar charges.

How A Talented Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

There are various ways that a talented Birmingham criminal defense attorney can help a juvenile who faces drug related charges. Firstly, a Birmingham criminal defense lawyer will know how to be navigate issues with a juvenile court, who has great discretion in determining how a juvenile is penalized. A skilled Birmingham criminal defense attorney will also be able to negotiate with potential prosecutors, demonstrate that the opposing side has failed to satisfy the requirements to satisfy a drug charge, and use discovery to obtain evidence that will bolster a juvenile's case.

If your child faces a drug related crime, contact an experienced Birmingham criminal defense lawyer at Eversole Law LLC today. Our legal counsel knows how to fight juvenile drugs crimes and reach the best potential outcome for a child's future.