Serious And Violent Crimes Committed By Juveniles

The National Center for Juvenile Justice recently conducted a thorough investigation of juvenile crime throughout the country and found that: juvenile crime has increased twenty percent in the past five decades, delinquency cases involving drugs have nearly doubled, offenses involving harm to persons increased 72 percent, and public order cases increased 64 percent. It is more important now than ever to focus on juvenile crime to reduce these statistics. Although all juvenile crimes in Jefferson County is important, juvenile crimes that involve serious and violent crimes deserve particular focus. Among other potential obstacles created by these types of charges, juveniles can face obstacles of an educational and occupational nature that significantly impact a juvenile's future.

Examples Of Jefferson County Serious And Violent Juvenile Crimes

Some examples of severe and violent crimes committed by juveniles in Jefferson County include murder of another and a variety of sex crimes including rape, forcible sex offenses with another, and forced lewd acts on a child under the age of fourteen. For numerous other crimes, courts in the state of Alabama make determinations about the nature of the crime based on the severity of the offense, the juvenile's past criminal history, the potential for rehabilitation, and the sophistication or planning required for the commission of the crime.

Trials For Serious And Violent Juvenile Crimes In Jefferson County

Juvenile trials for serious and violent crimes are divided into two distinct periods: the adjudication and the sentencing phase. During the adjudication phase, a court determines that the juvenile actually committed the crime, while during the sentencing phase of the trial a judge decides what punishment a juvenile should receive.

Potential Penalties In Jefferson County For Serious And Violent Juvenile Crimes

The juvenile justice system in the state of Alabama has different goals than state's adult justice system. These juvenile system focus on treating and rehabilitating a juvenile offender in opposition to adult justice systems, which focus on punishing individuals. In the most serious and violent crimes in Jefferson County and the rest of Alabama, individuals can face the same potential penalties as an adult sentenced to the crime would be. Even though juveniles might be tried the same as adult, juveniles are still treated differently by courts of law and are afforded more options regarding the manner of prosecution and the availability of potential sentence locations. The types of available sentencing options include probation, detention, and only in the most severe cases, incarceration in a juvenile detention facility.

How An Experienced Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If your child was involved in a serious or violent crime in Jefferson County, it is essential to retain the services of a top Birmingham criminal defense attorney who knows the various laws regarding juvenile crimes. At Eversole Law LLC, our legal counsel has substantial experience helping juveniles navigate through a variety of potential situations. An experienced Birmingham criminal defense attorney will also be able to know whether a juvenile's record can be sealed or destroyed and how to go about doing so as soon as possible.