Post Divorce Actions in Alabama

While divorces resolve the marital status of an individual, divorces often do not resolve other issues like an individual's financial situation. Post divorce actions are sometimes substantial obstacles because individuals are left solely responsible for actions and cannot depend or rely upon the support of a spouse to help navigate issues surrounding any difficult obstacle that might arise. Many individuals in Jefferson County who are interested in initiating post divorce actions contact a skilled and experienced family law attorney. There are several types of post divorce actions with which divorced individuals should be familiar.

Estate Planning As A Post Divorce Action In Jefferson County

One of the most substantial parts of post divorce actions is estate planning. Long term care insurance is a common part of estate planning after a divorce. Individuals can use long term care policies to cover the substantial costs of care as one ages.

Child Support Payments As A Jefferson County Post Divorce Action

Post divorce actions also sometimes include efforts by parents to make sure that child support payments continue to be made. While not always effective, individuals can take preventative steps to eliminate the risk of child support payments not being made by a supporting parent. One of these preventive steps includes making sure that the agreement to provide child support is in the form of a court order or official writing. Parents who receive support can also use court orders against parents who stop paying child support in order to force a parent to pay support or risk a variety of penalties.

In other situations, a parent after a divorce might seek the assistance of legal counsel to help determine if the supporting individual's obligation can potentially be decreased or in other situations if the nonsupport parent's visitation should be increased for the supported child.

Recommended Post Divorce Actions In Jefferson County

There are certain steps that individuals should consider making after a divorce to help lessen the chance of obstacles arising.  A skilled family law attorney will be able to help a client with all of these issues. It is recommended that individuals in Jefferson County consider performing the following actions after a divorce:

  • Apply for credit in your own name. Establishing a line of credit after a divorce is a good idea. It is a wise idea for individuals to start cautiously and conservatively when beginning to build credit.
  • Determine whether the beneficiary on your life insurance policy needs to be changed. In addition to potential beneficiary changes, some insurance companies and plans require that forms be completed after an individual's divorce even if the individual chooses to remain married.
  • Inform auto insurance companies about any changes in policies. By updating insurance information after a divorce, individuals can make sure that a former spouse does not try to attempt to use the same insurance policy.
  • Remove a former spouse's name from a lease or mortgage. Making this update will prevent potential issues involving the former spouse's attempts to claim the property.
  • Write a new will and estate planning documents to reflect any recent changes. In addition to crafting these new documents, individuals should make sure to destroy or revoke previously existing documents. .

How An Experienced Jefferson County Family Law Attorney Can Help

If you are an individual who is contemplating taking any of these actions after a divorce, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Birmingham family law attorney at Eversole Law LLC who can make sure that whatever the specific circumstances or you case may be that the best potential outcome will be reached.