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The Birmingham, Alabama law office of Steve D. Eversole is devoted to helping people with divorce and family law issues such as those listed below.

Family Law - Family law isn't a single law, but rather all the laws that affect family members. Eversole Law represents people in all family law matters, including divorce, custody, support, tax advice and real estate deed transfers at the conclusion of divorce. Eversole Law also handles post divorce actions including enforcement or modification of a court order.

Divorce Law - Alabama law recognizes a variety of legal methods through which people may obtain a divorce, such as uncontested divorce proceedings, collaborative and cooperative divorce counseling and divorce mediation. Attorney Steve Eversole routinely helps couples with those types of mediated divorce processes, and when necessary, prepares you and your case for aggressive litigation. If your case requires litigation, Eversole Law stands ready.

Marital Agreements - Marital agreements occur at different times in the marital relationship, as well as for different reasons. Eversole Law will prepare any type of marital agreement, including prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and marital property settlement agreements that protect your rights and your assets.

Child Custody & Visitation - Under Alabama law, the courts order a temporary custody order during the initial separation of spouses. Upon divorce, the marital agreement will include both a physical placement order and a legal custody order. Eversole Law handles those types of custody and visitation agreements and court orders, as well as modifications to court orders such as a change of custody or visitation.

Adoption - Eversole Law helps parents with the many legal hurdles involved in both domestic and international adoptions, as well as stepparent adoptions.

Child Support & Alimony - Under Alabama law, child support can be ordered immediately upon separation, and is always part of the marital agreement of a divorce. Spousal support (alimony) is also available in most situations. Often times, people need an attorney who can handle support orders immediately so that they can continue to work and provide for their children. Eversole Law is quick to take the necessary actions required for you to obtain support.

Post-Divorce Actions - Post divorce actions include enforcement or modification of a previous court order. Attorney Eversole handles post divorce actions throughout the state of Alabama for clients that he previously represented, as well as those he did not.

Asset Preservation - Divorce and other family law matters can easily drain a person's savings account, deferred income investments and other personal assets. Many clients at Eversole Law rely on attorney Steve Eversole's financial knowledge to ensure that their assets are protected in the best means possible throughout and after the divorce process.

Estate Planning - Eversole Law helps people plan for future events and register the necessary legal paperwork to facilitate those plans. Spouses often change beneficiaries, guardians, trustees and other legal representatives during the divorce process to ensure that children are provided and cared for and assets are handled properly.

Real Estate - Often times, divorce and other family law matters include a family home or other real estate for which the title must be transferred at the conclusion of a divorce to ensure that all rights to that real property are protected. Eversole Law handles those types of real estate transactions.

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