Juvenile Criminal Defense

Experimenting with limits on behavior is a normal part of growing up -- even though it sometimes means trouble with the law. This might be especially likely for kids who are stuck in a tough family situation or make friends with the wrong people. But for many children and teens, a delinquency charge is just the result of a mistake. It should never be allowed to overshadow the rest of a young life or limit a kid's future opportunities for success.

Most minors in trouble with the law in Alabama are technically charged with a delinquent act -- not a crime. But charges of juvenile delinquency can still have bad effects on a teen's future, including interruption of schooling, a juvenile criminal record, exposure to bad influences and in some cases, ineligibility for opportunities like student loans. Kids convicted of delinquency may be sent to a juvenile detention center. In cases of violent or very serious crimes, a minor may even be charged as an adult, making it hard to seal a criminal record later or avoid exposure to the worst aspects of the adult criminal justice system.

Defense attorney Steven D. Eversole defends kids and teenagers in trouble with the law from all types of delinquency and criminal charges, including:

  • Drug-related crimes, including sales and manufacturing as well as simple possession
  • Weapons or firearms charges
  • Shoplifting and theft crimes
  • Vandalism and other property crimes
  • Serious or violent crimes

Based in downtown Birmingham, the Eversole Law Offices handle juvenile cases in Jefferson, Shelby and Madison Counties, and throughout the state of Alabama.

Birmingham Juvenile Defense Lawyer

In most juvenile defense cases, the Eversole Law Offices fight to stay in juvenile court and avoid having clients tried as adults. In adult courts, juveniles face time in adult prisons, fewer alternative sentencing options and a public, permanent criminal record. By contrast, most juvenile records can be sealed after the minor reaches adulthood. In addition, juvenile courts offer a wide variety of alternative sentencing options aimed at rehabilitation -- not just punishment. We will fight to get the fairest, most appropriate sentence possible for your teen under these schemes. And if your child goes to adult court, we promise to treat his or her case with all the seriousness and care we exercise for adult criminal defendants.

If your son or daughter is facing delinquency or criminal charges, you should call Steven D. Eversole for help protecting his or her rights as soon as possible. As a family-law and criminal defense attorney, a guardian ad litem and the husband of a school psychologist, Steven Eversole understands that young people in trouble with the law frequently have a lot to overcome. Whenever possible, they deserve second chances.

If you need help defending your son or daughter against juvenile criminal or delinquency charges, contact the Eversole Law Offices today for a free consultation.