About Our Firm

Eversole Law represents family members in legal actions involving divorce, custody, support, adoption, marital agreements, and post divorce actions through divorce mediation, collaborative divorce proceedings, and when necessary, divorce litigation.

Attorney Steven Eversole spent years studying religion and family dynamics. He brought his deep understanding of psychology into his practice of law to form a fresh approach to handling divorce and family law matters.

At Eversole Law, the family is the focus of "family law", and the law is the instrument through which families agree to change.

That unique approach to divorce and other family law actions reduces the psychological impact on children and other family members and preserves assets that were intended to secure the family, not dissolve it.

As with most changes in life, people can feel tremendously stressed, fearful of the unknown future, and worried about the current state of their financial affairs and assets. When children are involved in a divorce, those stresses are usually overwhelming for the children, as well as both of the divorcing parents.

Every legal professional and attorney at Eversole Law works tirelessly to protect you and your children from the overwhelming stresses of divorce or other family law matters. They handle fewer cases so that they can focus on your family's needs, tailors their legal services to fit your situation, ensure you and your rights are safeguarded throughout the process, and help to promote the emotional well being of children and parents for the changed life after divorce.

Eversole Law is committed to providing you with the highest quality legal representation in the state of Alabama is ever present. Attorney Steve Eversole is available to you twenty-four hours a day, not just during business hours, so that he can be the caring listener at the other end of the telephone line. His law firm was the first ever in Alabama to incorporate a child school psychologist into his legal services to help you help your children adapt. Whenever appropriate, he offers flat-fee based rates. Additionally, he is always willing to offer payment plans to people with burdensome financial obligations.

At Eversole Law, they promote collaborative thinking and strive to help families resolve all of their legal issues through cooperative methods, such as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce actions. In most instances, mutual agreements can be reached.

However, there are times when an uncooperative spouse intentionally causes conflict, places unreasonable demands on the table, or just wants to fight. In those situations, Attorney Eversole will not only prepare your case for aggressive litigation, but he will also prepare you and your children.

Eversole Law is one of the "most referred" law firms in Alabama. Attorney Steve Eversole's past clients appreciated his deep commitment to them, their families, and their security. The current clients of Eversole Law continually comment on the law firm's ability to reduce the turmoil, preserve assets, and help them get back on the path of their journey. Eversole Law's court records reflect that same care, along with ongoing attention to the details of every family law matter.