Singer Gwen Stefani Discusses Her Ongoing Divorce

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Signer Gwen Stefani, most well known for being the lead singer in the band “No Doubt,” is going through a difficult divorce. According to a recent news report from Inquisitr, Stefani filed for divorce in Los Angeles and then offered a lump sum property division and spousal support settlement to her current husband.

Singer 20gwen 20stefani 20discusses 20her 20ongoing 20divorce

What is significant is the amount of the settlement offer. Prior to filing for divorce, most media outlets estimated the singer's net worth to be around $80 million. Based upon her alleged settlement offer, and reports of someone close to the singer, her actual net worth appears to be significantly higher.

Based upon this newly released information, it is now estimated the singer's net worth is around $120 million. She has significant earnings from her lengthy music career and also from clothing lines, as well as her earnings from being a judge on the hit reality talent show, “The Voice.”

This settlement offer was made not because the parties are getting along well, as the situation is being described as “contentious,” but because a settlement offer can be beneficial to both parties. As our Birmingham Divorce Attorneys can explain, a mutual settlement agreement means the case will be over soon, and there will be less litigation. Less litigation not only means less legal expenses, but it also spares the parties, and possibly the minor children, from having to testify and undergo a long court process. Settlements also provide certainty, which is helpful to many litigants.

While the amount of this recent settlement offer is not known as of this time, her husband has not accepted the offer, nor agreed to resolve the case. Sources have reported the reason Stefani filed for divorce was because she allegedly discovered her husband was having an affair with their children's nanny. Her husband has denied these allegations. The divorce was filed on grounds of irreconcilable differences. Currently, the couple is still living in the marital home, but sources say they are sleeping in separate bedrooms, and have been doing so since she allegedly found out her husband had an affair.

It is believed they couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, because, when her financial advisers recommended she have one prepared and get her future husband to sign the document, she supposedly said she didn't need one, because this marriage was forever. Stefani is said to be inconsolable at this point.

Sources close to the singer are saying she is having a very difficult time with this and doesn't want to give her husband half of the marital estate, which is typically the process in California divorce cases, according to media reports. She purportedly claimed she just wants to pay him off so he will go away and thinks she should get to keep what she earned, as it is rightfully hers. Those familiar with the situation believe it is possible Stefani will offer a larger settlement, but they are not convinced he will accept much less than half of everything, which he asserts he is rightfully entitled to receive.

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