Signs It May Be Time to File for a Divorce

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There are a lot of people in unhappy marriages. Many know they would be better off not in their current marriage but do not know what to do about it and feel trapped. There are a variety of reasons one could feel trapped in a bad marriage. Sometimes, if there are young children, it may seem like it is better to stay married for their sake. Sometimes there are financial concerns that make a person feel trapped in an unhappy marriage. Sometimes people think they need to go to counseling and try to work things out before filing a divorce.

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In an effort to help unhappy spouses know that the time has come to file for a divorce and try to move on with their lives, Huffington Post has listed some signs that a marriage may be beyond saving, and filing for divorce is likely the best course of action.

Lack of mutual respect is a major sign it is time to file for divorce. If one or both parties to a marriage do not respect each other, this is usually a sign the marriage will not work, and no amount of marriage counseling is going to fix this issue. This is one of the biggest reasons couples get divorced, and all of the reasons people list when asked why their respective marriages failed normally stem from a basic lack of respect by or for their spouse.

Another problem is a when one spouse is very possessive of the other and wants to have excessive control over the other spouse's life. In a good relationship or marriage, it is important for both spouses to have their own interests and friends without feeling guilty. If your spouse wants to know everyone you talk to, and where you go all the time, this may be a sign of a troubled marriage.

Another major issue contributing to the failure of many marriages is when spouses blame each other whenever anything goes wrong. Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they immediately attack the other spouse.

One sign highlighted by this article was one spouse is too self-absorbed or too easily insulted. If one spouse feels like he or she has to walk very carefully to avoid upsetting or insulting the other spouse, this may be a sign of a major problem. The reason the spouse may feel the need to do this is because the other spouse may only care about what is important to him or herself, and that creates a level of hostility, making communication impossible.

Finally, one of the main signs that a marriage will not get better involves a past history of physical abuse. A spouse who has committed physical abuse against you typically will never change without professional help. There will always be an unsafe feeling around that spouse, and this is something very difficult to get past.

As our Birmingham divorce attorneys can explain, there is no one reason that causes all marriages to fall apart, but most people can tell when there is not much hope for their marriage. The best thing you can do is to speak with an experienced divorce attorney to see what your options are.

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