Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Take to Twitter after Divorce

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, two of country music's biggest stars, recently finalized their divorce. While the divorce made big headlines, it seems the now former couple is still making big headlines with the tweets they are continuing to exchange in public, even though they are not longer legally married.

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According to a recent entertainment news feature from People, the popular couple was married for over 10 years when they decided to file for divorce. While it is not strange to hear about another celebrity couple deciding to file for divorce, their comments on social media are not what one would expect to find, especially when we are so accustomed to hearing about celebrity couples fighting on social media during and after their public divorce.

Despite family members reporting the couple as being sad or even “devastated,” their online communications seem to show no hostility between the former couple, and they are even quite humorous toward each other. While some of their tweets could be viewed as promotional in nature, as Shelton recently tweeted to his now ex-wife, Lambert, that everyone should go out and buy Ashley Monroe's (a mutual friend) new album, there are other tweets that are much more personal in nature.

Lambert also tweeted a picture of Shelton pushing in a baby stroller that was taken on the set of the Voice and captioned the picture “I knew it…. You WERE pregnant! This calls for a drink!” Shelton responded by saying “Ha!!!!! Busted… I wasn't JUST a fat ass. Drinking shall now begin…” This was only one example of a series of similar exchanges that have people wondering how the couple is getting along so well following a public divorce where those close to the couple have said how sad they both are.

While some think the tweets are not coming from the former couple themselves, but from their respective “people,” it has supposedly been verified that the respective country music stars personally sent these tweets themselves.

As our Birmingham divorce attorneys can explain, while not every newly divorced couple will send joking photos about each other in a friendly way like we have seen in this article, it does demonstrate the point that not every divorce has been a big knockdown drag out fight most people assume it would be. There are many couples that simply realize their marriage is not working out, and there is nothing that they can do to fix the situation.   If this is the case, sometimes it just makes to sense to separate and get a divorce.

When this happens, there is no reason for the couples to fight during the process. However, even when the couple agrees that they should get a divorce, there is also the question of what to do about marital property and child custody, and this can lead to a fight. What is important to remember is that the more the parties can work out without court intervention, the easier the process will be, and it is often possible to work out a lot of the issues between the parties and draft a settlement agreement for the judge to approve.

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