Wife Sues Husband over On-Air Divorce Bit – Gloria Allred Representing

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According to a recent news article form WFTV, nationally known attorney Gloria Allred is representing the estranged wife of radio host Russ Rollins in a lawsuit against her husband.

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Allred has alleged Rollins, while in the middle of ongoing heated divorce proceedings with her client, orchestrated a radio comedy bit where he got served with actual divorce papers live on his show. Allred further alleges this on-air stunt induced her husband's listeners to threaten her to the point where she was afraid to go out of her own home. Her complaint includes several tort claims, including defamation, related to the on-air statements. Plaintiff claims she was not only in fear for her own safety, but also for the safety of her children.

While it is well known that truth is the main defense to claims of defamation, Allred said the main reason her client filed the suit was not for financial reasons but to allow the public to finally known the truth. To that extent, the extremely detailed 37-page defamation complaint has been placed on the Internet, so the general public can read the pleaded facts for themselves. On the other hand, Rollins, through his attorney, said everything included in the alleged defamatory broadcast was entirely true, and he believes that truth will ultimately be his client's best defense.

Rollins' attorney also said they are deciding whether or not file a countersuit, because the alleged damage to his professional reputation from plaintiff's suit may cause him to lose his job, though he still continues to assert his client will eventually be found not liable on all plaintiff's causes of action.   Rollins himself has not commented on the recently filed lawsuit, because his current attorney has advised him not to discuss the case on the radio. Obviously, Allred claims this is too little too late, as the damage is already done.   It should be noted that neither party to this recently filed lawsuit has been found liable for any allegations in connection with case.

As our Birmingham divorce attorneys can explain, while many divorces turn into a long and bitter fight where friends, family, children, and, in some cases, strangers are caught in the middle, it doesn't always have to be that way. While our legal system is set up as an adversarial process, there is still a lot of room for mediation and discussion, and, when couples can work together to the fullest possible extent within the confines of the situation, it is often possible to get through the process in a dignified and respectful manner.

However, there are obviously situations where one party is being unreasonable, and it is necessary to fight hard to get the outcome that you rightfully deserve. To the end, you should make sure the attorney you hire will be willing to work together when that benefits you most and also to fight as hard as necessary when the situation requires a more forceful approach.

It is an unfortunate reality that many who claim to be tough fighters for their clients in the beginning of the process are not actually willing to back up their words and take a case to trial when the interests of his or her client demand such action.

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