Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses Divorce

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has being going around the country and appearing on various media outlets to promote his latest movie, “Terminator Genisys.” While most of the interviews focused on the movie, his interview on the Howard Stern Show took on a more personal nature, according to a recent news feature from CNN.

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Stern asked Schwarzenegger about his divorce from famous journalist Maria Shriver. Stern specifically asked if this was Schwarzenegger's first real personal setback in his life. In response to this, Schwarzenegger said it was the “biggest setback” and the “biggest failure” of his life. He also said the breakup and subsequent divorce was entirely his fault.

The high-profile couple had been married for over 25 years before they separated in 2011. Their separation followed a public revelation that Schwarzenegger had an affair with the couple's housekeeper, and that affair resulted in the birth of a child. Schwarzenegger said he admitted everything to Shriver and agreed to go to marriage counseling, but he said marriage counseling was the biggest mistake of his life. The counselor, he said, had them again in “counterproductive nonsense talk” that not only prolonged the inevitable, but actually made the situation worse.

Schwarzenegger said he has maintained a very good relationship with each of his four children and is still on hospitable terms with this ex-wife. He also said he made sure to speak with the housekeeper and made sure that situation was handled properly, though he didn't elaborate on what he meant by that.

As one might expect, a variety of media sources and have latched on to the fact Schwarzenegger referred to marriage counseling as his biggest mistake and not having a child with his housekeeper.

He also mentioned that when his son was dating Miley Cyrus, he was at first concerned when he learned of their relationship, but, once he met Cyrus, he discovered she was a “fantastic person,” and he was very happy for their relationship. However, that relationship also ended recently. He said his son has decided to pursue a career in acting, as his father did, and said he is proud of all his children.

As our Birmingham divorce attorneys can explain, some couples try to see a marriage counselor prior to filing a divorce action. If you think there is a reasonable possibility you can work out your differences with your spouse, there is nothing wrong with seeing a marriage counselor, and it may be worthwhile to do so. However, some marriages simply cannot be saved.

There are a variety of reasons a marriage is beyond saving. If you believe your marriage is one of these marriages that will not survive, it may be worth seeing an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. This will also prevent you from spending a lot of money on counseling, which, as you may already be aware, can be several hundred dollars a session, with counselors recommending couples see them at least once a week.  This can amount to thousands of dollars spent on therapy, when it was obvious all along the marriage could not be saved.

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