Celebrity Chef Alton Brown Finalizes Divorce

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Celebrity divorces make big news. While a normal couple's decision to get a divorce might not be of much interest to anyone other than the couple themselves and friends and family of the couple, people love celebrity gossip.

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According to a recent news article from E Online, Food Network star and celebrity chef Alton Brown and his wife have just finalized their divorce. Brown is best known for his cooking instruction television shows, Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen, and his role as a judge on the Next Food Network Star and host of Iron Chef America.

There has been a lot of speculation on what led to Brown and his former spouse getting a divorce, as he has not made any statements to the media or discussed this issue on social media outlets. This is not surprising, since it is well known Brown prefers to remain a very private person when he is not on television and very rarely discusses his personal life.

However, sources close to Brown have allegedly said he has been unhappy in his marriage for a long time, and the eventual divorce had been coming for a while. It has also been suggested his heavy work and travel schedule contributed to the break up of Brown and his wife's marriage.   Brown and his wife separated in 2014, and he filed divorce papers with the local court in Georgia a year after the parties separated. Brown and his now ex-wife have one teenage daughter.

As our Birmingham divorce attorneys can explain, parties who wish to get a divorce who also have minor children must consider what will happen with the children in the immediate future prior to filing for a divorce. While some parties simply choose to take their children and move out of the house, this can create significant problems if there is not an agreement as to temporary custody while a divorce or child custody matter is pending.

In some cases, the parties can reach an agreement as to where the children will live and when and where the other parent will have custody and visitation. If there is an agreement, and the parties stick to that agreement, things may go much smoother and there will be a lot less litigation required during the process. In cases where there are accusations of domestic abuse, or one spouse is accused of mental health issues or a drug problem, which would make that parent unfit to care for minor child, there will likely need to be an emergency hearing to decide on a temporary child custody and visitation schedule, which will stay in effect until the parties reach a joint agreement to settle their divorce case, or the case goes to trial and a judge renders a decision consistent with the child's best interest.

This process can go smoothly, or it can turn into a long and frustrating legal battle, depending on whether the parties are willing to work together to resolve their issues pertaining to a child custody arrangement.

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