Costly Engagement Rings Linked to Higher Divorce Rates

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With the rates of divorce hovering around 50 percent, researchers are often analyzing certain patterns and factors that can determine what will make the marriage last. Conversely, they will also look at certain common denominators in what can make a marriage fail. According to the latest from marriage research, more expensive wedding rings were linked to a greater chance of divorce.

Emory University's Department of Economics published a recent study revealing that the splurging on a wedding ring was inversely related to the duration of the marriage. In short, the more spent on a ring, the more likely that a couple will split.

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Some wedding industry experts say that a wedding ring should cost approximately two months of a man's salary—but is this too much? Diamond company ads and slogans have conditioned couples to believe that spending exorbitant amounts on engagement rings, expensive weddings and honeymoons is the key to a successful union. Now research proves the more a couple feels they have to invest on engagement rings, the more likely  their marriage will divorce in the end.

Researchers surveyed 3,000 adults who had once been married for more than 13 years, finding that men who spent between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring were 1.3 more likely to get divorced than those who spent between $500 and $2,000.  The study also showed that couples who spent less than $500 on a ring were also more likely to divorce.

Researchers suggested wedding expenditures could be an indicator of general spending habits as well as financial stress and burdens that can carry on through the marriage. These factors are likely to raise the chances of marital dissolution, as there has already been significant research linking economic stress and divorce. Study authors also indicated couples who spent more than $20,000 on a wedding were significantly more likely to divorce than those who spent between $5,000 and $10,000. For weddings, spending less than $1,000 was associated with the lowest risk of divorce.

Factors that increased the likelihood of marital success included experiences such as attending regular religious services, having a baby and even splurging on a honeymoon. For every couple who is planning a wedding, it is important to remember the importance of the celebration is in creating a lasting union, not in having an unaffordable, lavish affair. Putting more energy into the future and lowering expectations can also help a couple form a more solid and lasting relationships.

Still, regardless of early choices, many couples will head down the path of divorce—regardless of how much they paid for the ring or the wedding.

Every couple who decides to file for divorce knows it is a highly personal decision and often comes after months, even years of agonizing the pros and cons. There is no shame in filing for divorce when you know the relationship is no longer right for you.

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