Wedding Rings in Alabama “Sail Away” After Failed Marriage

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Saying goodbye to a marriage may involve a host of traditions, in addition to the signing of divorce papers. In a recent gone-viral Alabama story, a family found two wedding rings tied to a balloon that landed in their backyard. After going on an extended search to find the owner of the rings, the couple learned that they were sent off ceremoniously, in commemoration of a failed marriage. According to reports, the former bride decided that instead of selling her wedding rings, she should make the rings a part of, “letting go.”


For many facing divorce, there is certainly a challenge in “letting go,” but the end of a marriage can also mean new beginnings and liberation. Whether you are considering divorce or you have already made the decision to move on, it is important to focus on finding a long-term resolution. Our Birmingham divorce attorneys understand that divorce can be a complicated and overwhelming time, even if you are ready. We will take the time to identify your priorities, protect your rights, and work towards a lasting solution for you and your family.

A woman from Caloosa, Alabama tied her engagement ring and wedding band to the end of two helium balloons and released them earlier this month. Her current boyfriend was also a part of the ceremony, involving tying the two rings and letting them go. A few weeks later, the rings were found in the yard of another family in Winfield, Alabama, 55 miles away from the site where they were released. After finding the rings, the family went on a search to find out who the rings belonged to. The family ultimately turned the rings over to the police, although the former wife and original owner says that she has no intention of reclaiming the rings.

While the family was praised for their honesty for turning in the valuable items, the original owner is giving them to the finders and hopes that maybe they will tie them to another balloon and let them go. The story has gone viral and many have praised the idea that releasing the rings was more important in letting go than the money. For anyone who has been through a divorce, the process is no doubt painful.

To prevent the feelings of fear or being overwhelmed, there are practical steps you can take to protect your rights before, during, and after divorce. Consulting with an attorney as soon as possible will help you to identify your interests, assess any points of contention, and take a strategic approach to get results. Whether you are concerned about preserving your custody rights, protecting the family home, or maintaining your retirement accounts, and experienced attorney can help you secure your rights. Taking a comprehensive and long-term approach to divorce will also help you lay the foundation for your future and “just let go.”

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