Divorce Parties: Tacky or Happy Ending?

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Weddings are a celebration of love, the joining of families, and hopes for a happy future. What is there to celebrate at the time of divorce? For many couples, throwing a divorce party is one way to give closure to a marriage, even rejoice in an ending. Despite the growing popularity of divorce parties, many find the trend tacky, or insensitive. When facing divorce, it is best to find the solutions that work for you, your spouse, and your family. Many have found that a divorce party is the best way to celebrate freedom, closure, and moving on.

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The divorce party business is growing, much like the wedding business, with event planners, caterers, and bakers getting on board with divorce parties. Some of the color schemes include black or dark colors instead of white, but the theme is really not dark—for many, freedom is definitely something to celebrate. Our Birmingham divorce attorneysare experienced in representing individuals who are facing divorce. We understand the myriad emotions faced by our clients and will help you review your rights and options to protect your rights and move forward with confidence.

For many, how a divorce party is viewed simply comes down to the purpose of the occasion. It is not necessarily celebrating the end of a marriage, but celebrating the open doors and freedom that can come with divorce. Divorce is difficult for any couple and family, but seeing the experience as a positive can help create better feelings as couples try to renegotiate how to live their lives independently. In many ways, they are in-line with other trends, including coming out parties, cancer survival parties, and even calling-off wedding parties. The trend signals a new social awareness that gives individuals who have overcome a challenge or trauma the ability to say, “I did it,” or, “I made it.”

Divorce parties of course can bring mixed emotions for children, but on the other hand, it may give them another way of viewing the family unit post-divorce. A party or ceremony can actually be symbolic, giving children a method of coping, especially if both parents are involved. The divorce party gives parents an opportunity to express a change in the direction of the family. As the family unit shifts towards co-parenting, new schedules, and a family dynamic that may take adjustment, a party signals that this doesn't have to be a negative transition.

Some couples will actually enact similar rituals as they had at their wedding. Where divorce was once an embarrassment, the rise of divorce parties may signal a cultural shift in acceptance. A divorce doesn't have to be a shameful event and it doesn't have to weigh down parents or a family. Sometimes it is how we view change that can make all of the difference. A divorce party may mean that we do not have to be embarrassed or ashamed of our choice, we can simply celebrate closure and a new life.

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