Alabama Gov. Candidate Files for 4th Divorce

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Divorce is a highly personal and complex decision for any couple. Now an Alabama Republican candidate for governor, Stacy Lee George, has filed for divorce just as he prepares for the June primary. The 45-year-old politician is divorcing his fourth wife, whom he married in May 2012. This is another high-profile divorce that calls attention to the reality of marital difficulties for couples in any walk of life. For politicians, divorcing can be more complicated as their personal lives are under the scrutiny of the public eye.


According to reports, the divorce was filed earlier this month after a separation that began in February 2013. Our Birmingham divorce attorneys  are dedicated to representing our clients and providing strategic advocacy to achieve the best possible outcome for families. In addition to protecting the rights of our clients, we are interested in highlighting relevant divorce cases in Alabama.

Court filings indicate that the governor and his wife faced an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage. It also states that “further attempts at reconciliation are impractical and futile.” The gubernatorial candidate has been outspoken about the breakdown of his marriage and the decision to divorce. In an article published earlier this month, George discussed that the decision to divorce was at least in part related to his career in politics. The Republican candidate is currently a corrections officer. His involvement in elections and the political process has made him, in his own words, “difficult to live with.” Alabama voters already know, this will be his 7th election since 2000.

Divorce is often the last resort when couples find themselves growing apart. There are also a host of other reasons that couples may decide that divorce is the right decision: unmet expectations, new living situations, new jobs, complicated relationships with children, blended families, financial stress, infidelities, or illness. Any couple that is struggling should identify problems within the marriage and decide the best course of action. If you have tried couples' therapy or you have already decided it is just not working, divorce may be the best resolution.

As the governor stated, he has not given up on marriage, but is waiting for the right person. He “doesn't want to be single or grow old by himself.” This is a common sentiment for anyone contemplating divorce, especially after the 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s. If you think divorce may be the best option, remember that you are not giving up on marriage, you are looking for the best lifelong solution for you and your spouse. Making the decision as early as possible can minimize conflict, help you identify your interests, and protect your rights. The sooner that your divorce is completed, the sooner you can move on with the next stage in life.

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