“Conscious Uncoupling”—Not Just for Gwyneth

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As news of Gwyneth Paltow's divorce hit the internet—so has the phrase “conscious uncoupling” to describe her separation. While the expression may sound too good to be true when headed towards divorce, there are ways that you too can minimize the stress of a divorce and find the best possible solutions for your family. Every year, thousands of married couples will realize that divorce is the best option. When you make the decision to get a divorce, there are steps you can take to leave the marriage in the best possible position, for yourself and your family.


No one enters marriage with the plan to divorce. No one enters a marriage hoping that it will end. This means that for couples who do make the decision to divorce, it is likely after trying every possible way to make things work—sometimes they just don't. A Birmingham divorce attorney is experienced in protecting the rights of clients while working towards long-term family solutions. We understand that going through a divorce can be challenging. We will take the time to review your concerns, identify your objectives, and work to achieve optimal results for you and your family.

Remember that not all marriages are meant to last forever and approaching your negotiation and settlement with an open-mind can help you achieve desirable results and ensure a smooth transition for all parties. Even if your marriage is ending in divorce, you can still move forward knowing that you have done the best for your family. When dealing with the practical aspects of divorce, consider how remaining mindful can help to create lasting solutions for all parties.

Custody and visitation. To protect your rights and the best interests of your children, a custody and visitation order could become contentious. Focus on working towards an amicable solution that will work for all parties. You don't have to make unnecessary concessions, however, you should also be open-minded to alternatives that may work best for your family in the long-term.

Division of property and security. Similarly, working towards a financial settlement may also mean more negotiation than just taking what you want. Consider your long-term interests in moving forward and building security rather than focusing on the little things. Again, you should always protect your rights, but keep in mind your priorities when working towards a settlement agreement.

Alimony/spousal support. Whether you are a dependent spouse or a breadwinner who may be responsible for alimony obligations, consider an equitable solution to ensure that both parties are able to regain financial footing after a divorce.

Though it can be difficult to revisit your relationship with “rose-colored” glasses, trying to keep the peace can ultimately help you and your family achieve lasting solutions. “Conscious uncoupling” may mean remembering why you were together, as well as remembering why you have chosen to be apart. Choosing to divorce does not mean that love was never there, it means making the best decision for yourself and your family as you move forward into the next chapter.

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