Alabama Ranked Third for Highest Rate of Divorce

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While the national divorce rate hovers around 50%, there are some states with a higher rate of divorce than others. According to a recent report, Alabama ranks third in the nation for highest rates of divorce. The study also compared politically “red” versus “blue” states, finding that despite a more religious and Bible-based culture in “red” states, there is actually a higher rate of divorce. The study called, “Red States, Blue States and Divorce: Understanding the Impact of Conservative Protestantism on Regional Variation in Divorce Rates,” will be published in theAmerican Journal of Sociology later this month.


After discovering that more traditional and religious states like Arkansas and Alabama had some of the highest divorce rates, researchers wanted to uncover what sociological facts might influence why couples choose to marry or divorce. Our Birmingham divorce attorneys know that every situation is unique and that every family faces different challenges. We also know that for many couples, divorcing can be difficult after making vows before family and God. Despite these challenges, the choice to divorce is a personal one and our priority is to help clients protect their rights and their children.

While some sociologists previously pointed to lower socioeconomic hardships in the region, new research indicates that a more conservative culture can also create marital instability. For example, many religious couples will marry sooner because they do not agree with cohabitation before marriage. Abstinence-only sex education may inspire many young people to marry without taking into consideration the seriousness of the commitment and long-term economic or personal stresses that come with marriage and children. For couples that marry too young, they may also grow apart or find that the stress of the marriage is too much to bear.

In some cultures, religion reduces the number of divorces, especially if they are forbidden. Researchers found that in the context of conservative Protestants living in the South, divorce rates were high and matched the rates of even non-religious couples in the same area. For married couples who are considering divorce, a religious commitment may be a factor; however, financial stress and other marital issues may become overwhelming and too difficult to resolve. Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney during these times can help put divorce in perspective and protect your rights during the process.

Alabama rates of divorce are high compared to other states for any number of reasons. Those who consider divorce may be on the lower end or upper end of social economic classes. Regardless of your reasons for divorce, it is important to consider how a divorce will impact your legal rights. If you have children, an experienced advocate can protect your right to custody and help you get the support you need. If you are the sole breadwinner, you want to be certain you are not ordered to pay unmanageable child support or alimony payments. Couples will also have to divide property and assets, including a family home. The results of your case will be final so it is important to consult with an experienced advocate who can protect your rights.

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