The Dangers of Delaying Divorce

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You may have threatened divorce in passing, confided in your friends, or discussed the possibility with your spouse. Even though you know your relationship is over, you may be holding out to take the final steps towards divorce. Have you ever asked yourself why you are waiting? When is divorce the right time? And, more importantly, are there any consequences of delaying a divorce? Even though you shouldn't rush towards divorce, there are potential risks of delaying the divorce process.


Every divorce is different and will be a unique journey. Regardless of the circumstances in your case, it is important to move forward as soon as you know that you want to file for divorce. Our Birmingham divorce attorneyshave worked with couples throughout the state and understand the difficult nature of the divorce process. We also know that your rights, security and long-term interests are at stake. Delaying your divorce puts you at risk and could impact your rights after you decide to file.

Here are some of the dangers of delaying your divorce:

Settling into instability. Your family will benefit from stability. Though divorce may seem more difficult, making a clear decision will give you, your spouse, and your children firm footing when moving forward. Uncertainty in the home will only create stress and instability for you and your children.

Infidelities and risks. When you and your spouse are considering divorce, it is likely that you will not be communicating at the same level. You may not feel as close to one another or start to lose respect. This creates the serious possibility of infidelities and other painful emotional side effects. If you know you want to divorce, it is best to finalize the decision instead of waiting for one or both of you to find someone else.

Financial issues and money hiding. Divorce can be costly, but it can be more costly if you wait. Waiting to file divorce can give your spouse more opportunities to spend or hide funds. Filing bankruptcy upfront can ensure transparency and help to protect your interests in an honest division of assets and property.

Difficulties for your friends and family. Divorce is difficult for friends and family no matter what. The longer you postpone your divorce, the more your family and friends may feel like they have to weigh in or get involved. Giving your loved ones a straight-forward conclusion can help them adjust to your new circumstances and move forward as well.

Growing apart from your spouse. As soon as you and your spouse begin discussing the possibility of divorce, it is most likely that you will begin to grow apart. You may not trust each other the way you used to and one or both of you may start seeking support outside of the marriage. Living in the same house with the constant threat and stress of divorce is not healthy for you, your spouse, or your children. If you know it is over, it is best to move forward as soon as possible.

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