Divorce and the Holidays: A Time for New Beginnings

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Facing the holiday season during or after divorce can be painful and confusing. You may be living alone, worried about being away from your children, or forced to attend holiday events without your former spouse. While dealing with divorce and holidays can be difficult, you should remember that you are not alone. Being prepared emotionally can help you survive your first newly “single” holiday season.


As you may have already realized, the holiday season can bring on financial stress and personal struggles, regardless of whether you are getting divorced. The emotional difficulties of the holidays can be heightened when you are considering or entering the divorce process. Our Birmingham divorce attorneysunderstand the difficult circumstances faced by our clients. We are dedicated to helping clients take steps to protect their personal rights and interests to give them the strength they need to move forward. Our priority is giving you a secure foundation, legally and financially, so that you can focus on rebuilding your life and family.

Here are some tips to help you deal with the holidays.

Prepare for high emotions, confusion, and, even sadness. Even if you wanted to divorce, the holidays can be a difficult time. It is likely that you will face a number of emotions during this time. Confused children, new schedules, potential holiday custody disputes, and other post-divorce issues can be stressful. You will also miss your children if they are away. Taking time to prepare for these challenges may help you confront issues as they come up.

Plan ahead for personal and family expenses. Christmas can be financially difficult during good times. When facing divorce, it is likely that you will face additional challenges. You should remember that you will have to take on additional financial responsibilities, but you shouldn't go into debt spending more than you can afford on your children or your loved ones.

Create new traditions. You may also want to forget some traditions because they remind you of your spouse. Even old decorations may bring back painful memories. During the holidays you should focus on the present and create new traditions to enjoy your new life. If you have the children, start new traditions, if you are on your own, consider visiting family or friends.

Focus on making the best for your children. It is best to remember that the holidays are a special time for kids. Attend school events, church events, and other community events. Make cookies, sing carols, and wrap presents together. Enjoy the time with your children.

Most importantly, you should acknowledge the difficulties you are facing this season and make necessary arrangement to get the support you need. Call friends and family or seek counseling if necessary. Understanding your emotions and acknowledging the difficulties of the season can also help you be prepared.

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