Baby Boomers and the Decision to Divorce

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Divorce can impact a couple at any age, but statistics show that baby boomers may be more susceptible to divorce. Couples who have stayed together through their younger years and after children are raised may find that it is time to move on. While separating later in life may seem like the best decision, it can create additional stresses and burdens for older couples. Whether you are considering a divorce or you have already entered the divorce process, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your rights and obligations.

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According to reports, one in four divorces occur after the age of 50. Our Birmingham divorce attorneys understand the intricacies and complications of divorce at every stage in life. From child custody and spousal support to the division of assets and retirement accounts, our priority is to help you protect your rights and your security at any age.

Recent opinions suggest that the baby boomers' unique place in social history may make them more prone to divorce than couples in other age groups. According to statistics, there are 79 million baby boomers born between 1945 and 1964. This generation, challenged conventions, including the traditional roles and families. Many of them were involved in civil rights activism and have seen the product of liberation and social awareness, including civil rights, anti-war, and the women's movement. Literature during the time attacked traditional gender roles as well as the institution of family. Women of this generation were also some of the first to leave the domestic sphere and have independence outside of the marriage. Some believe that all of these abrupt social changes could make the generation more vulnerable to divorce.

The baby boomers currently make up 25% of the population and are facing some of the highest divorce rates in the country. For many of these couples, trying to establish the meaning of marriage, identifying the reasons why marriage was necessary, and defining a “good marriage” has been complicated. Despite self-help books and decades of work on marriage, many couples have decided to call it quits and move on. This can happen in the later years after children have moved out or after retirement.

For many the decision to divorce comes down to choosing self-fulfillment over loyalty to one's partner and other traditional values. Some analysts believe that the high rates of divorce among baby boomers is related to the changing relationship to the institute of marriage. Even though couples may want the stability of a traditional relationship, they may not know the best way to approach it, even after decades of marriage. For others, changing and evolving views about marriage may leave divorce as a possibility even into retirement and old age.

Regardless of your age or position in life, divorce is a highly personal situation. It is important to take a comprehensive look at the consequences of divorce. Understand how the dissolution of a marriage will impact your personal life and family, as well as your personal financial security. Taking the time to understand your rights and obligations can better prepare you for the future.

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