Surviving Divorce: Tips for Preserving Assets & Sanity

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It is not surprising that many couples avoid the painful process of divorce until there are no other options. It can take years arguing, of growing apart, and other signs that the relationship is beyond repair before the final decision is made. While divorce can be emotional, painful and costly, there are ways to protect yourself and to get through emotional separation and the legal process relatively unscathed.

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Planning ahead for divorce and knowing the right steps can help you protect your assets, your rights and forge ahead successfully in your new life. Our Birmingham divorce lawyersare experienced in handling even the most complex divorce cases. We understand that the decision to divorce can be painful, but we are dedicated to helping clients protect their interests and rebuild their lives. 

Whether you have already made the decision to divorce or you are weighing your options, here are some tips to help you survive the road ahead.

1)      Acknowledge your decision and tell your spouse in a respectful way. While emotions can run high during this time, it is best not to make this over-dramatic or threatening in a way that can complicate the separation and legal process. Telling your partner in a respectful manner can help to preserve the relationship and function in your lives.

2)     Seek professional counseling if you need to talk. While friends and co-workers may be a good outlet, you can benefit from professional counseling. It can be very traumatic and painful. Working with a professional therapist can help you work through personal issues while also ensuring that you don't cross lines with mutual friends or family members.

3)     Hire an experienced lawyer you can trust. It is important to understand the immediate and long-term ramifications of divorce. While you don't necessarily need an aggressive “pit bull” lawyer, you do want an advocate who can protect your personal property, custody arrangements, and long-term interests.

4)     Don't hide assets at the time of divorce. Disclosure is an important part of the divorce process and you should never try to hide assets. Not only is it fraudulent, but if discovered you could be looked at unfavorably by a judge and lose much more than you stand to gain.

5)     Try to work through settlement and negotiation, but be prepared for court. Settling your claims out of court can be financially and personally beneficial. You can save time and court fees by working out an agreeable, fair settlement. On the other hand, if you cannot settle on key issues including alimony, support, custody, or the division of property, you will need an advocate who can protect your interests in the litigation process.

6)     Understand the immediate and long-term consequences of divorce. Remember that while the process of divorce can be overwhelming and complicated, you are working towards an arrangement that works best for your family in the long-term. In some instances, making compromises may be better for your family. In other instances, you must protect your rights. Working with an experienced advocate can help you sort through these difficult issues and protect your interests and your children in the long-run.

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