Are You Ready for Divorce?

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Making the decision to divorce is never easy. You may have found that it is impossible to recover after a fight anymore. Maybe the fighting never ends. You may feel like a stranger in your own home or that you don't know your spouse anymore. Maybe you have simply grown apart or fallen out of love. Though every situation is unique, most of us will ask the same questions before we make the difficult decision to call it quits. Is this the right thing to do? What about the children? Will I be okay on my own?

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Divorce can be messy and complicated, but you are not alone. Our Birmingham family law lawyers are experienced in helping our clients navigate the most difficult aspects of separation and divorce. We understand the courage it takes to make that final decision to divorce and we have also seen our clients get through the process happier than most would have thought possible.

If you are considering divorce, there are a few important issues to look at to determine if you are ready. Of course, your feelings may change daily, but you want to look at how the divorce will impact you and your spouse personally, financially, and romantically. Are you ready to join the world of “singles” again? Can you afford to divide your household income? Do you have religious beliefs that may infringe on your decision to divorce?

Children are an obvious factor when it comes to divorce. While you may think you are doing them a favor by “sticking it out,” children will fare better when both parents are happy, healthy and living in a secure and stable household.

In the end, your decision should be based on practicalities and the reality you are living. If you feel you have honestly faced certain problems in the marriage and they are not getting better, you may be nearing the end. You should also consider whether you and your spouse have recently gone through a change of circumstances that could negatively impact the relationship? A new job, death, relocation or other huge lifestyle change could be just a bump in the road.

How do you really feel? Do you want it to work? If you feel that you are looking to work things out, then there are ways to recommit and try to work through your issues. A marriage counselor may be a good place to start if you have already tried communicating directly with your partner.

If you cannot answer this question affirmatively, then it may be time to move on. Once you have made the final decision to end the marriage, it is unlikely that the relationship is going to make a recovery. You should consider important issues including your financial security, divorce, protecting your assets, and maintaining a healthy relationship after the divorce, if possible.

Though you likely have trepidation about making the first steps towards divorce, it is important to remember that you will move on. Yes, it will be difficult, but if you have made the right preparations, you will have laid the groundwork for a new life for yourself and your children.

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