Birmingham Divorce Planning: Holmes Was Ready to Split From Tom

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Katie Holmes hired divorce lawyers in three different states and resorted to using a friend's disposable cell phone as she prepared to leave Tom Cruise, the New York Post reported.

Birmingham family law attorneys understand the importance of preparation and planning. The Los Angeles Times reports Holmes feared her control-freak husband was monitoring the calls she was making on her own phone.

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While there may not be time for careful planning in some Alabama divorces, particularly if there are allegations of violence or abuse, a thorough divorce plan can go a long way toward ensuring your future economic stability and quality of life. Often there are questions of child custody, child support, alimony, and property division, which can all complicate a divorce even in cases where an amicable split is the goal.

Particularly in cases where one spouse has a disproportionate control of the income, or keeps all of the household books, speaking to an experienced law firm before speaking to your spouse can have a number of important advantages.

– You can gather financial documents and other necessary paperwork before announcing divorce intentions.

– You can speak to an attorney about child custody issues.

-You can begin to determine where you will stand financially and what child support or spousal support you might reasonably expect to receive.

-You may even begin to get job training or enroll in classes in preparation for life on your own.

The Post reports Holmes' mail was often opened and she felt increasingly uncomfortable around Cruise's friends and other representatives. By the time Cruise learned of Holmes' intentions, she already had a posh new apartment in New York City.

The New York Daily News reports an amicable divorce settlement has already been hashed out, which will reportedly pay Holmes more than $10 million in child support by the time the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Suri, turns 18. Typical, too, is when these seemingly complex cases get resolved quickly, experienced legal help is working in the background.

Too often, divorcing parties will see hiring an experienced Alabama divorce lawyer as a means of ratcheting up the warfare. In reality, an experienced law firm can help keep much of the emotions out of the equation.We can also often help clients understand the importance of issues they may not even be considering, including tax consequences, retirement accounts and joint loans.

TMZ is reporting that Cruise had an ironclad prenuptial agreement and reports that Cruise is paying Holmes $50 million for a quickie divorce are ridiculous.

In many cases, we see Hollywood stars divorce near the 10-year mark. In fact, that's when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced. Under California law, 10 years defines a long-term marriage. Those married under 10 years may be entitled to spousal support for up to half the length of the marriage.

However, those divorcing after more than 10 years of marriage may be awarded, or forced to pay, spousal support indefinitely.

If you are contemplating a divorce in Birmingham, contact Birmingham Family Law Attorney Steven Eversole at (866) 831-5292.

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