Birmingham Divorce Lawyers Caution Against Gimmicks

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A divorce in Birmingham usually involves a battle of powerful emotions and competing interests.


But even in amicable circumstances,divorce lawyers know the one thing it shouldn't be is a gimmick.

However, that's what one entrepreneur is trying to make it, with the founding of the "Divorce Hotel." The New York Times recently wrote about it, and the idea is you check into the hotel on Friday as a married couple. By Sunday, when you check out, you're legally checked out of your marriage. In other words, a divorce that can be handled over a weekend.

Right now, it's only available in the Netherlands, but the founder of Divorce Hotel is lobbying to get this kick-started in the U.S. He's also on the hunt for a television producer scouting the next great reality show.

Couples check into a luxury hotel, pay a flat rate of somewhere between $3,500 to $10,000 for access to independent mediators and attorneys and work to hammer out the details. And then, say organizers, they are done.

Admittedly, this sounds great in theory. Not having to hammer out all the details over months-long, contentious meetings with attorneys on either side duking it out. And maybe it could work for the miniscule percentage of splitting couples who agree on absolutely everything (why are you divorcing, again?).

But here's the reality: Most couples, even if they don't hate each other,  aren't going to agree on every single point. And divorces can be quite messy, particularly if their assets are entangled (as is often the case in longer marriages) and especially if minor children are involved. Other potentially complicating factors can arise if one half of the couple owns a business (or if they own it together), or if there are offshore accounts or stock options.

Even if you do agree on most aspects, you need to consider that this is still a highly emotional time for you right now, and you need to be smart about having a professional who is not emotionally involved who can look out for your best interests and your future.

Not to mention, it is not uncommon just prior or during a divorce for one half of the couple to try to hide money, commit fraud or undervalue certain assets. Having a qualified divorce attorney who can sort through all of that for you can be invaluable.

Both parties deserve to have those concerns properly weighed and legally vetted before a binding agreement is reached. The truth is, that simply can't be done over the course of a weekend.

In fact, you should be wary of any lawyer who promises extreme expediency. It's not a matter of running up the clock, it's a matter of doing it right. These are agreements that are going to have a major impact on the rest of your life. They may be irreversible. So while you may be stressing the cost of your divorce or your divorce lawyer, you must consider it an investment in your future. You can't allow yourself to be suckered into a potential scam by someone who promises to do it outrageously cheap or extremely fast.

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