Alabama Divorce, Marriage Can Cause Weight Gain, Study Shows

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Few people consider the possible changes in health when they marry or when they get divorced. But a new study by Ohio State researchers found that women are more likely to gain weight after marriage while men put on a few extra pounds when they get divorced.

While neither of these things will likely influence whether a couple gets married or divorced, many other factors do. Infidelity, financial stress, problems with the children and domestic violence are all factors that can lead to a divorce in Birmingham. Whatever the reason for a divorce, an experienced Birmingham Divorce Lawyer will analyze the situation and seek the best outcome.

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An article on WebMD says that the study found that the weight gain following major life events is less likely to happen to young people. But the research shows that it could cause later-in-life health risks once people settle into diet and lifestyle habits.

The research was based on a group of 10,071 people who were surveyed between 1979 and 2008. The people were between 14 and 22 when the survey began and the analysis was from data between 1986 and 2008.

Both marriage and divorce were considered "weight shocks," or events that increased weight gains of between 7 and 20 pounds on average. For those who gained more than 20 pounds after either event, they are more at risk of heart disease or death, the study found.

Researchers determined that because more women have a larger role in household duties after marriage, they have less time to exercise. Likewise, when the couple is divorced and lives on their own, the men must handle household duties on their own and suffer from less exercise.

Divorce has many effects and, according to the study, weight gain is among them. But there are other effects, such as psychological issues, poor self-esteem, stress, anxiety, financial problems and others that a divorce can cause.

But the problems can be minimized depending on how the divorce is handled. A rocky and contentious divorce can do more damage to both spouses, the children and family members than an amicable split. In some cases, that's not an option, as each side has been bruised beyond repair. In other cases, with some hard work, the divorce can be more peaceful than expected.

An experienced Birmingham Divorce Lawyer can help lessen the impact by working to take care of the major issues in a divorce, such as child custody, possible alimony or child support payments, division of assets and division of debt, as well as working to avoid common post-divorce tax traps.

Financial considerations are among the chief issues that spouses must deal with, as a divorce can leave spouses in bad shape financially. That's why asset division, as well as debt division is so important. Arguing the value of the house and other large assets and negotiating with the other attorney on how to best split them in the favor of the client is also a key component to a divorce proceeding. It can mean the difference between a smooth break and one that leaves a person struggling for years to recover.

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