Is There Such a Thing as a Good Alabama Divorce?

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The Huffington Post recently published an article that poses the question: Can "good" and divorce" be in the same sentence.

Birmingham Divorce Attorneys believe they can be. Divorce in Alabama can be a stressful time in a person's life. Questions of financial security, how assets will be divided, where the kids will live and when will visitation be are all big questions for a couple getting divorced. But while hearts may be broken and frustration levels remain high, the situation can be made more tolerable with the help of an experienced Birmingham Divorce Lawyer.

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In Alabama, collaborative divorce proceedings are a way for each side to minimize the cost of divorce, increase the amount of communication and work together in seeking the best possible outcome for each side. And while this is the least contentious form of divorce in Alabama, it still shouldn't be done by oneself. Despite agreeing on many facets of a break-up and divorce, an experienced attorney should be hired to oversee the process and review documents in order to help ensure that the situation is handled properly.

While most people consider the more obvious and big-picture questions in handling a divorce themselves, an attorney with years handling divorce cases in Birmingham and throughout Alabama will consider other things, such as how to avoid post-divorce taxes, how to divide not only assets, but also debts and how to calculate child support or alimony payments.

In the news article, the author poses 10 tips of how to have a good divorce:

If the marriage really over? Divorce should be a last resort, after counseling and other ways to save a marriage have been attempted. Counseling during a divorce can be beneficial.

Can you treat your soon-to-be ex with respect? At one point, you were in love. Keep that in mind.

Can you put the interests of the kids ahead of yours? Don't put your children in the middle of a fight.

Can you communicate? At one point, you were able to talk things through, but now you may have a tough time doing so because of hurt feelings and anger. The better the communication, the better the divorce.

Can you avoid court? Cooperative and collaborative divorce in Alabama allows each side to come to an agreement without a judge's intervention. The more court action, the less control the spouses have and it's more expensive.

Can you find a problem-solving attorney? The article suggest finding an attorney who can problem-solve and not turn a good divorce into a bitter one. Good advice.

Will you be mature? Despite feeling overwhelmed and not in control, try to be constructive and not destructive in discussions.

Can you be selfless and avoid greed? It may be tough, but it will help the process.

Can you create a game plan? Set realistic goals about your children and your financial issues.

Can you be honest and avoid mind games? Many spouses try playing games in order to hurt the other. Avoid it.

This is all good advice and hiring an experienced Birmingham Divorce Attorney is important to make many of these tips a reality. Being able to communicate on behalf of the client and avoiding conflicts is a core goal of an experienced lawyer representing a spouse going through the divorce process.

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