Study Shows that Women Who Lost Virginity Early More Likely to Divorce in Alabama

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Well, I guess sociologists will study anything these days. And in a new one, researchers have found that women who are sexually active early in their adolescence, specifically before they're 16, are more likely to divorce, The Huffington Post reports.

There are many factors that go into an Alabama divorce. Some may be on-the-surface issues, such as a marital affair or financial troubles that cause strife and bitterness. Other factors may be deeply rooted and come from generations of psychology. Regardless, it can be a difficult decision and a tough process and one that an experienced Birmingham Divorce Lawyer should be called on to handle. Through years of experience helping all kinds of people through the process, this firm is able to tackle any issue that may arise in a divorce proceeding.


According to the article, University of Iowa researchers used the responses of 3,793 women who are married or have been married at some point in their lives from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth to examine the relationship between the age in which they had their first sexual experience and the success of their first marriage.

Among the findings were that 31 percent of women surveyed who lost their virginity as teens divorced within five years and 47 percent divorced within 10 years.

On the flip side, the divorce rate for women who had waited to have sex was only 15 percent at the five year mark, with it only reaching 27 percent in comparison within 10 years.

The study also found that a first sexual experienced before 16 — unwanted or not — was a strong association to divorce. The study didn't affect the divorce rate among men who lost their virginity in their teens.

"If the sex was not completely wanted or occurred in a traumatic context, it's easy to imagine how that could have a negative impact on how women might feel about relationships, or on relationship skills," said the study's author, Anthony Paik. "The experience could point people on a path toward less stable relationships."

The newspaper also did a follow-up story with questions for the study's author about some definitions in the study, surprising findings and other trends here.

Regardless of the reasons, divorce can be a tricky process. For one, many people get accustomed to married life and don't consider the sacrifices that must be made when going through a divorce. Separate lives means separate bills, separate income and perhaps a tough situation with children, if there are any.

But hiring an experienced Alabama Divorce Lawyer is critical to make this process go smoothly. Hiring someone who knows the law, who has the experience to help you and has the compassion to help you through the process is important.

Taxes after divorce, splitting assets and determining where the children will live, when each parent will see them and how critical decisions will be made are important factors. It's possible that a cooperative or collaborative divorce process may occur, depending on how friendly each side is, or more difficult divorces may require a contested divorce and litigation. How aggressive the case must be depends on the client and the circumstances.

But the No. 1 goal is a fair and equitable outcome for the client and the protection to move forward in sound financial order, if possible. We work hard to handle all areas of the divorce so the client can seek a new life both emotionally and financially.

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