Schwarzenegger Paying Child Support Before Divorce Filing

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Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently returned to Austria and sources say that he has been paying child support even before he and Maria Shriver have officially filed for divorce, the Daily Mail reports.

Child support in Birmingham can be contentious because financial matters are important as a couple divorces and tries to move forward. So, hiring an experience Birmingham Divorce Lawyer is crucial to making sure all financial areas of a divorce are properly hammered out.

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As previously reported by Alabama Divorce & Family Law Attorney Blog, the actor and his wife split after 25 years of marriage. At first, the public wondered why the couple, who has four children, ages 13 to 21, would suddenly break up. But news quickly surfaced that Schwarzenegger, famous as a politician and as an action movie star, had fathered a child 14 years ago with a worker in the family's California home.

The Daily Mail reports that as their lawyers continue working on a divorce settlement in advance of the divorce being filed, Schwarzenegger has been paying for his sons' private school bills. The newspaper reports that Shriver's lawyers are working to get a full estimation of his worth.

What couples entering divorce should consider is that every child has the right to be supported. But determining how much money is paid, who gets the money and the consequences of not paying are all important factors.

In Alabama, the court will consider several things before calculating child support payments. First, all relevant income of the parent ordered to provide child support is the first factor. If unemployed, the court will base its calculations on past earnings, likely future earning, the parent's education and other factors. The court may also take into consideration other factors as well.

Temporary child support orders may be put into place as soon as one spouse files a petition for divorce. It will remain in effect until the final divorce settlement. And the only way to terminate child support obligations is if the parent paying child support gives up their parental rights or if the parent receiving support abuses the child.

The court will not act as a monitoring agency for child support payments, but does have the authority in some cases to garnish wages or send a person to jail if they fail to make child support payments. Sometimes, an outside government child support agency can monitor these situations, but it is the parents' duty to govern this area.

Keep in mind that child support issues largely revolve around which parent gets custody after a divorce. So, making sure you hire an aggressive Birmingham Child Custody Lawyer is an important step to making sure you are able to have influence on and a strong relationship with your child after divorce. The court will take into consideration what is in the best interests of the child or children, so putting together an impressive array of information and witnesses is essential in persuading the judge in your case.

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