Charges Dropped in Fake Divorcee Facebook Murder Plot

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The FBI recently arrested and dropped charges against a man who told a Facebook user he wanted to kill his wife, knowing that it was his wife who created the fake account to monitor him, The Smoking Gun reports.

As social media sites like Facebook and Twitter permeate our society, it is critical that you watch what you post or say if you are in the middle of a Birmingham divorce. Just as Birmingham Divorce Lawyers use these sites to search for evidence in contested divorces, your soon-to-be former spouse and his or her friends do as well.  Anything you say can be used against you, so be careful.


In the instant case, a man and woman going through a child custody battle in Indiana began playing games with each other, which, as evidenced by the fact that their story went national, shows how easy it is to find out what you're saying online.

The ex-wife created a fake Facebook account of a 17-year-old girl and the man, knowing that the account was fake, told the "17-year-old" he had placed a GPS device in his ex-wife's vehicle to monitor her movements. He also told the Facebook user of his desire to "find someone to take care of" his ex-wife and perhaps someone at the girl's school would do it for $10,000.

After the ex-wife contacted authorities, the FBI swooped in and arrested the man, keeping him in custody for four days before freeing him after he proved he knew all along that it was his ex-wife and that he played along to use her tactics against her in their child custody case.

The mess is an extreme example of the lengths parents can  go to to get a successful child custody ruling. But it also shows how cautious people should be when dealing with divorce. It would be prudent not to mention going on an expensive vacation, going out drinking on the town or your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Any of these, or a list of other comments, can be used by your ex-spouse or their lawyer in convincing a judge you aren't a fit parent, lied about your finances or a host of other issues. It's easier than ever for this type of information to make its way into a courtroom and ruin your chances of a favorable ruling.

When a divorce can't be settled through cooperative measures or a pre-planned agreement between the parties, it's possible that the proceeding will be a Birmingham contested divorce. This sometimes requires more preparation and the additional support services and care that our firm provides our clients. When divorce is especially nasty our firm does all that we can to provide psychological support to help ease the already stressful situation our clients face.

Divorce can be difficult, so hiring an experienced law firm to make sure not only that the best interests of your finances are addressed, but also that you get the best possible resolution regarding the custody of your children is key.

If you need to speak with a divorce lawyer in Birmingham, contact Eversole Law at 205-981-2450 for a free consultation.

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