A study by Swedish researchers found that a long commute to work could cause couples to divorce, according to The Local, an English language Swedish news source.

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The Swedish study was based on data from 2 million Swedish households from 1995 to 2000 and found the risk of divorce increases 40 percent for commuters and is highest in the first few years of commuting. Researchers concluded that such commutes can promote gender stereotypes at home and in the workforce that can cause stress on couples.

In families where the man commutes, the woman is often forced to take a less-qualified job closer to home. That means the woman would be making less money and she would have a larger share of the household and child responsibility. Women commuters had an increase in salary and career prospects, but other studies showed they endure more stress and feel less successful in their careers than commuting men.

“To be able to commute to work can be a positive thing because it means you don't have to uproot your family with every career move but it can also be a strain on your relationship,” said author Erika Sandow.

According to 2000 U.S. Census Bureau data, the most recent available for commute times, more than 23 million Americans had a commute of 40 minutes or longer. That was up from about 17 million in 1990. 2010 Census data regarding commuters hasn't been released.

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