Divorce Rate Down, But 7-Year “Itch” Still In Play in Alabama, elsewhere

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Recently released statistics show that couples more likely to reach their 10-year wedding anniversary as divorces have leveled off, The Associated Press reports.

While it is good news that marriages are lasting longer, the story also suggests that couples often struggle in the seven-year period. If you are considering a divorce in Alabama, contact Birmingham Family Law and Divorce Lawyers.


About three out of four people who have been married since 1990 said they reached their 10-year anniversary, which is up about three percent over men and women married in the 1980s, when divorce rates peaked, census figures stated.

According to news reports it's possible that divorces have slipped because of couples living together before they get married and the rising age of people when they do tie the knot. Education and job opportunity may also be factors.

Divorces climbed in the 1960s and 1970s, when laws passed making it easier to get a divorce. But the recent report said couples who broke up, on average, did so around seven years in, which is often called the "seven-year itch." The report maintains that about one in every two marriages will end in divorce.

While many people get divorced, it can be a psychological nightmare. Court hearings, dividing up your assets and often having to deal with children and other family members can be difficult. Trust Alabama divorce lawyers to take the emotion out of divorce and focus on protecting your financial future.

And if you have children, it is vital that you hire an aggressive attorney. Child custody and visitation in Alabama can be difficult. In Alabama, there is temporary, legal and physical custody. And judges have the authority to make decisions that deviate from state rules if they believe it is in the child's best interests. So that's why you need someone fighting for you and your children.

But while many divorces can be difficult, there are also times when working together for the best of each spouse and the best of the children is possible. That's when mediationand collaborative family law can help ease the transition from married to single.

Consult with an attorney in Birmingham or elsewhere in Alabama if you're considering divorce and want to be well represented at every stage of the proceeding. Preserve your rights. Calling is the first step.

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