Friendship a Valuable Commodity for Divorcing Birmingham Couples

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Friends are supposed to help friends in their greatest time of need, but would you know the best way to console a friend going through a Birmingham divorceCNN Living recently offered men and women the best ways to help a divorcing friend or loved one.

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Birmingham divorce attorneys are also here to help you and your friends through the emotional, and sometimes confusing, legal process of a divorce as well.  Too often, divorce attorneys are seen as fulfilling an adversarial role, and of course we do that when necessary. But we are just as often able to keep unnecessary or counterproductive emotion out of a divorce case, and thereby help a client to satisfactorily close that chapter in his or her life and move on.

According to, roughly half of marriages end in divorce.  Second and third marriages are statistically less successful. Chances are you know someone that is currently going through a divorce, but do you know the best way to help them through their emotional journey?  Too often, friends, neighbors or loved ones may practice avoidance because they don't know what else to say. This is unfortunate because someone going through a divorce is in most need of close friendship.

CNN Living offers you these tips that you can use to help your friends who may be going through a divorce: 

-Be there for your friend not only for emotional support but for health support as well.   Cook for them, or pick them up something healthy to eat.  Bring something over or invite them to dinner.  They're sure to enjoy the company, and some fresh air.

-Don't be afraid to get silly.  Send them goofy cards or a funny e-mail.  Even if they don't open them, they're still sure to know you're thinking about them.  When they do finally get around to your mail, they're sure to be grateful for the distraction.

-Get them out of the house.  Ask, ask, ask!  No matter how many times your friend may refuse a walk in the park, a movie at the theater or a stroll through the mall, it is important to continuously offer the option.  While they may seem agitated at first, it will surely pay off once they're out of the house and focusing on something else. And the mere invitation can do wonders, whether or not they are up for a social outing.

 If you or a loved one is experiencing a divorce, it is important to contact an experienced family law attorney in Alabama. Call Eversole Law at 1-866-831-5292 for free consultation.

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