Former wife of Ken Stabler Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Alabama

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The former wife of Alabama football great Ken Stabler, Rose Stabler, was arrested last week in Baldwin County.  The jail log at the Baldwin County Corrections Facility reports that she is being charged with disorderly conduct, according to Fox 10

She posted a $100 bond and was released from the jail.

Our Birmingham divorce lawyers would like you to understand that until a divorce is finalized and your will has been rewritten, your soon-to-be ex has access to your personal assets should anything happen to you.  It is important to contact an experienced attorney if you're thinking about separation.

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Disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor.  A conviction of this charge can land a defendant in jail for a time period of up to three months, according toAlabama Live.   An arraignment date has not been set and Stabler reportedly plans on pleading not guilty.

Court records state that the couple separated back in 2001.  After their separation, the IRS said Kenny owed them nearly $600,000 in back taxes.  The debts forced the couple to liquidate their real estate to pay the tax debts.  One of the properties sold was Rose's home on Ono Island, back in 2008,  She was forced to sell the house to help pay off her ex husband's debt.

Another issue involving the proper separation of financial ties is beneficiaries and estate planning.

Separations and divorces often bring up the issue of your will and the beneficiary designations for 401Ks, IRAs, your life insurance and other documents where you may have named your partner as beneficiary, according to Forbes.

As most people leave a majority of their assets, if not all of them, to their spouse in their will, a divorce can throw estate plans into turmoil. 

In many states, you can completely disinherit your significant other only after a divorce is finalized, even if they've already been completely cut out of your will.

Typically, it is their right to inherit a percentage of your estate, in the event of a death, until you've been legally divorced.  It doesn't matter if you've completely disinherited them.

After your divorce is finalized, it is recommended that you completely rewrite your will.

It is important for you to consider changing your will and any other estate planning documents even before you enter the divorce process.  This will help to prevent you soon-to-be ex from having the ability to make financial and/or medical decisions on your behalf should anything happen to you.  Be sure to review your insurance policies, retirement accounts, annuities and other investments where applicable.  Make sure new beneficiaries have been named.

If you're currently thinking about filing for a divorce and would like to protect your assets, it is critical for you to contact an experienced attorney that can help you to cover every detail in the legal process.  A qualified divorce lawyer can help individuals navigate through the complexities of legal separation as well as divorce actions, which can be of great help during what is usually a difficult and emotional time for most people.

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