Birmingham Divorce Lawyer Update: Looking to be Awarded Alimony in Alabama?

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In these cash-strapped times many spouses going through divorce are asking the same question: Will I be able to receive any Alimony payments? It's a fact that the majority of alimony awards go to the wife. As an Alabama divorce attorney and family law lawyer, I am always concerned that my clients receive their fair share of the marital assets as part of a divorce settlement. Whether you live in Hoover or Florence, Tuscaloosa, Bessemer or Homewood, your concerns will likely be the same.

In difficult economic times, alimony and child support can both be a function of an ex-spouse's earning power. Alimony itself is a payment from one former marital partner to the other and is usually paid on a monthly basis. It is ordered by the court as continuing support for one of the former spouses following a divorce.

You should remember that alimony is a separate and distinct payment from any other kind of divorce-related payments, such as child support. As with most aspects of divorce in Alabama, the payment of alimony is decided by a divorce judge and is determined solely by the discretion of the court. In fact, alimony payments are decided based on the specifics of the individual divorce case and the needs and means of the respective parties.

Unfortunately for the divorcing spouses, there is no fixed rule that can be applied to the setting of alimony payment, or even if alimony is justified as part of a divorce settlement. Therefore, the determination of an alimony payment, if any, is always an open issue until decided by the judge overseeing the case.

Several factors that govern how a divorce court in Alabama will decide if alimony is justified include A) the financial need of the receiving spouse (usually the wife) and the ability of the paying spouse (quite often the husband) to pay; (B) the conduct of the individual parties as pertains to the cause(s) of the divorce; and C) the length of the marriage. In the end, whether or not you receive alimony could have a great impact on your ability to preserve your personal assets going forward.

As always, a good divorce lawyer and family law attorney can assist in a large part when going through the many times painful process of divorce. Having a qualified family law attorney by your side can help when it comes time to make the big decisions that could affect your life and the lives of your children fro some times to come.

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