Alabama Divorce News: Lindsay Lohan’s Father Faces Jail Time over Child Support Non-payment

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As a Birmingham, AL, divorce lawyer and family law attorney I have represented numerous clients facing jail time, fines and court costs over non-payment of child support and other court-ordered obligations. A recent news article shows that anyone can be hit with sentence of jail time due to not paying support to a spouse for either child support or alimony. While this is a serious issue here in Alabama and elsewhere, in many cases there may be extenuating circumstances surrounding the non-payment, which is why folks need a qualified divorce attorney by their side.

If we are to believe the gossip columns, Linsay Lohan's dad is reportedly six months behind in his child support payments. The mother's complaint is that Michael Lohan is being paid for making personal appearances across the country to speak out about his daughter Lindsay, yet he allegedly is not meeting his financial obligation to the three younger Lohan kids.

Because of this Mr. Lohan could face a jail sentence over non-payment of child support, according to Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan. The minor Lohan children involved in this support case are Ali, Michael Jr. and Dakota.

According to the tabloids, Michael Lohan has been paid to appear on U.S. television shows nationwide to publicly plead with the "Mean Girls" star to seek professional help for her reported addiction to prescription drugs. At the time of the reports, Dina Lohan was said to be planning to file court papers earlier this week in an effort to get Michael to pay her what he allegedly owes.

Child support and alimony payments are usually ordered by a court in the final marital agreement. Under Alabama law, every child has a basic right to receive support, and every parent has an obligation to pay support. A temporary child support order is requested when parents separate to divorce. A final child support order is entered by the court in the final marital agreement. Thereafter, child support is enforceable as a post divorce legal action.

This is where Mr. Lohan could end up in prison if it can be proven that he has failed to meet his obligations based on the final marital agreement following the couple's divorce. Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Lindsay Lohan has planned to seek a restraining order against her estranged father after he publicly pleaded with her to seek professional help for her alleged addiction to prescription drugs.

The actress was reportedly horrified to discover her dad claimed she was on "death's doorstep" — and now she has taken to Twitter to blast Michael, after his public allegations left her younger sister in tears.

Michael Lohan may be facing jail time,, November 1, 2009

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