Understanding Alabama Adoptions: Legal Perspective from a Birmingham Family Law Attorney

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Having handled all manner of adoptions in Birmingham, Montgomery and other Alabama cities and towns, my experience in this area is rather extensive. As an Alabama lawyer with a successful family law practice, I am always pleased to assist in the joyous occasion of a family adoption. Whether you are going to be new parents, or if you already have children and are adding to your brood, I can offer my own personal and professional insights into this specific area of the law.

As with every adoption, there will always be a large amount of paperwork. An attorney can help make all those forms — whether it is for a domestic or international adoption — much more manageable and understandable. One of the more common adoptions is the stepparent adoption.

Stepparent Adoptions
This kind of adoption usually involves one spouse adopting the child of the other spouse. Many times, a parent of a “blended family” must adopt a stepchildin order to provide insurance coverage under his or her employer's or other medical insurance plans. With this kind of adoption, the expenses incurred during this process can provide tax advantages.

A stepparent adoption can also be brought about so as to provide a legal parent for a child whose biological parent is no longer a part of the child's life, such as if the biological parent has abandoned the child or died. In either case, from the child's standpoint, a stepparent adoption sends a strong message that the young person will be loved and wanted. This is a lifelong commitment that demonstrates that the family is completely united, not to mention that the child's needs and care will always be provided for.

If your pending adoption is domestic or international, employing a family law attorney can help you avoid the pitfalls that sometimes catch parents unaware. Occasionally, when a couple is just about to become the parents of an adopted child, a problem with the paperwork, the Court, or the biological mother can throw a monkey wrench into the works. Having an attorney on hand from the very start will mean that you will be in the best possible position to try and make things work out for the best.

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