Divorce and the Military: Alabama’s Citizen Soldiers should Choose an Attorney Wisely

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Divorce strikes every socio-economic group, every religion and every race. Here in Alabama, be it Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville or Mobile, and thoughout this great country of ours, legal separation and divorce also plagues our military personnel. Serving the United States of America is one of the greatest honors an American can experience, but being a part of our armed forces also requires great sacrifice. Tours of duty in faraway and often hostile lands put great strains on married couples and the families of these dedicated soldiers.

As a compassionate Birmingham family law and divorce attorney, I've seen the heartache of divorce firsthand. No one wants to go there, but as hard as it is to hear, divorce remains a fact of life for many of our service men and woman. Every branch of the U.S. Military has its share of sad stories of families torn apart. My job, as an Alabama divorce lawyer is to make certain that the process is as simple and pain free as possible, while keeping my client's best interests at heart.

An important point to remember, as a member of the military seeking a divorce, is not to use the same attorneys that assisted your civilian friends or relatives. This is because military personnel and their spouses are subject to a special set of laws that don't apply to ordinary divorces. Furthermore, military divorces are complicated by the physical distances between the parties, especially if one or both spouses are on active duty and stationed overseas or in another state.

For these reasons alone military people need a divorce attorney with special expertise in the state and federal laws that apply to military divorce. My office offers assistance to military personnel in Alabama from all branches of the service, as well as their spouses. This includes divorces between couples who live permanently in Alabama and those stationed in Alabama, as well as representation of people who can't be physically present in Alabama.

Occasionally, these individuals have special circumstances, due to their military service. One of the unusual aspects of military divorce is that these families tend to move frequently and may have a choice of states in which to file — this allows them and their attorneys to choose the state whose laws best fit their situation. This can make a huge difference in the outcome of a divorce settlement.

From the complications of serving a spouse with divorce papers, to determining support, alimony and property division, choosing the proper divorce lawyer for your personal situation is critical. This is why I always tell fiends and family who have loved ones serving in the U.S. Military to be mindful when contemplating divorce or separation. Your future happiness and welfare could be on the line.

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