Under Alabama divorce law it is possible to obtain temporary alimony from your spouse while the divorce is proceeding.  An Alabama divorce lawyer will file a motion for Pendente Lite with the court in order to obtain this temporary support.  Pendente lite is Latin for "while the action is pending."  Temporary alimony or support in Alabama is often required when a spouse cannot sustain the same standard of living during the divorce she/he would have maintained prior to the divorce proceedings.  Often, temporary support is given to spouses going through an Alabama divorce proceeding when the spouse has no other assets, i.e. a stay at home mom and wife without any other income.  However, even with additional income, if you are unable to maintain the same standard of living to which you are accustomed, you may be eligible for temporary alimony during the Alabama divorce. 

Temporary alimony is just that, temporary.  It will end when the divorce ends and will be replaced by a final spousal support award.  If you are experiencing difficulties in maintaining your standard of living during a divorce, you owe it to yourself to contact an experienced Alabama Divorce lawyer and attorney as soon as possible.  The Alabama divorce and family law attorneys and lawyers of Eversole Law will make sure you get the Alabama temporary support and alimony you deserve.