Divorce Scheduling Tips for Holidays & Vacations

Posted by Steven D. Eversole | Sep 01, 2007 | 0 Comments

Parents often have a difficult time dealing with the time constraints divorce places on their lives.  Juggling schedules during a marriage is hard, and when children are involved, it gets harder after divorce.  Divorce is an emotional and draining experience, especially during the holidays or during vacation time.  Here is a list prepared by on ten tips to a relaxing vacation or holiday. 

I believe tip number ten from the above list is one that applies to more than just holiday and divorce scheduling, and is perhaps the best means to having a better life after divorce. Let the children love you ex-spouse, move on with your life, and try not to harbor ill feelings.  I realize that is easier said than done and that sometimes it can take years to get over the negative emotions involved with your ex.  But without fail, the ones who have moved on and no longer feel anger towards their ex-spouse are resoundingly the happiest.

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